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United States Navy: Full Campaign

USA! USA! Full campaign for United States Navy is now available.

Train your crews and officers, equip ships and lead your forces in the 40 American battles including:

- Battle of Bunker Hill (1775)

- Burning of Norfolk (1776)

- Siege of Savannah (1779)

- Battle of Cape Henry (1781)

- Battle of the Chesapeake (1781)

- The burning of the USS Philadelphia (1804)

- Capturing of Tripoli (1805)

Patch Notes:

v0.7.0 rev.34405

1. Full US campaign. US4 and US5 chapters are added.

2. Performance optimization for large naval battles. We still work to improve performance.

3. Fixed some crashes in land battles.

4. Added visualization of trophy cost when you do not have enough reputation

5. Improved the battle of Valcour Island. You will get small ships from Congress for the battle.

6. US techs' cost rebalance.

7. A permanent module can be removed for an additional cost. Now it is a complex upgrade.

8. When you replace upgrade with higher-level modification then cost will be lower.

9. Bunker Hill battle was reverted and adapted to different difficulties.

10. Improved retreat direction for land units.

11. Fixed bug in Retreat Fleet conditions.

12. Removed timer in Object in Motions

13. We improved the balance system for land battles.

14. Increased crew for transports in first naval US missions.

15. Increased player's character leveling speed.

16. Epic battles defeat penalties decreased.

17. Improved performance of naval pathfinding. There are still problems but we work to fix them.

18. Fixed issue with Withby in Hurm Rum. When the captured ship did not accept orders.

19. Fixed a graphical artifact with the sea when a ship's trail was partly culled.

20. Added hints helping better understand game elements.

21. Epic battles do not block the end of a chapter anymore.

22. When you return to harbor your fleet window will be loaded at first.

23. Notification that you do not have ships to start a mission and have to visit fleet management.

24. Fixed issue with soldiers under the ground.

25. Added a feature when two ships colliding each other, a bowsprit can be broken.

26. Fixed description of the Battle of Block Island.

27.. Switch to standard localization when a game version is updated.

28. Speed of mortars' movement is increased

29. Improved fire mechanics.

30. Added details into weapons' hints.

31. Fixes in land battles related to units that do not accept orders.

32. Fixed issue with the movement of mortars and arty.

33. Improved ship's fire effect visuals.

Hope you love this update Generals and Admirals.

Thank you again for the support and great feedback!

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