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It's time to raise your sails (Backer Build 4)

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The game already contains two campaigns consisting of 3 chapters containing 30 sea and land battles in each campaign. You can follow the life path of legendary Admiral Nelson or the father of the American Navy - John Paul Jones. We plan to add two more chapters and about 15 battles to each campaign.

The game contains more than 25 historical ships and a lot of different weapons that are in service with the armies and fleets of the 18th century. You will encounter more than 25 national units involved in the conflicts of that time.

You will be able to participate in all the famous historical battles on the sea and coast of the period and to try to change history.

We are happy for all the fans to get your hands on Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail, and we are working very hard over this final month to ensure the game has the level of quality and polish that we know our fans expect. Thank you to everyone who has backed us, everyone, who has been a fan on social media, and everyone who has played Backer build and helped to make this game better.

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