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Enemy Line Spotted, Clear Decks for Action

We are excited to announce that Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail will be available on Steam in a few short days!

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail is a unique wargame allowing you to experience the best of the Ultimate Series AI and tactical engine in naval, land and combined arms landing operations, witnessing the birth of the marines. The early access edition will feature two campaigns: for Britain or United States; each with 30 sea and land battles across 3 chapters. During Early Access we plan to expand both campaigns with two additional chapters that will each include about 15 new battles.

We are extremely excited that the game goes live on Steam. We have been working very hard to ensure that the game has the level of quality and polish that our fans expect. Thank you to everyone who has backed us, everyone, who has followed us on social media, and everyone who has played the Backer build and helped make this game better.

Thank you again for your support.

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