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We would like to provide you with descriptions of Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail editions.

Captain Edition

The most basic edition allowing to pre-order the game at lower price. You will receive a steam key once the game is released on Steam. By purchasing now you will save some money, because the price will be higher on release.

Commodore Edition

Advanced edition allowing you to play the game early by joining the alpha testing program. You will receive an email with a game key and the link to download a launcher. You will have to create an account and redeem the key from the email to get access to the game. Launcher will download and install a build of the game. We are going to continuously update the build when new features are available.

Roadmap is divided into following steps:

When the game is released on Steam, we will send the Steam key to your email and alpha program will be closed.

Admiral Edition

This is the fleet support - Admiral’s edition. This edition contains everything included in other editions (both the game and access to early testing). Please purchase this edition if you want to provide additional financial support to the Ultimate Admiral development team.

This edition comes with two bonuses:

Founder name in game credits

Your name and words of our eternal gratitude will be added to game credits in the founder section for hundreds of thousands of future buyers, as a token of appreciation for your support. We will contact you personally via email to ask for your name that you wish to include into game credits. If you will want to rename anonymous we will just add Anonymous patron into the Founders section.

Founder name in officer’s roster

Founder name will also be included in to the list of officer names in game, visible for you and other players. A special marker will indicate officers generated from founder’s names. If you meet such officer in the game, you can be sure that it is real person and he is a founder of the game.

*Names will be subject to approval by the design team to avoid toxic names or names that do not fit the age of sail era.

That’s all for today. We hope you find this information useful!


Office of the First Lord of the Admiralty

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